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MDP on Strategy Consultancy

Strategy is a relatively young field as compared to other areas of management. Due to various reasons, the concept of strategy is often misunderstood and infact is misused many times. This makes it imperative to know what strategy is and what it is not. In India, strategy consultancy is a very young field and is still evolving. However, it is a lucrative and growing field as increasing number of organizations are realizing the importance of strategy and are hiring services of strategy consultants. This makes it imperative to know and understand strategy consultancy. 


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This programme seeks to familiarize the participants with the important aspects of strategy consultancy such as strategy consulting process, managing clients, strategy consulting in India, challenges, and solutions in strategy consulting, being a good strategy consultant and so on. It is designed to develop participants’ skills, attitude, and knowledge for working in the strategy consultancy area.

After completion of the programme the participant should be able to do the following three things:
1. To understand, what is Strategy? And what are various facets of Strategy Consultancy?
2. Identify gaps in strategy and strategy consultancy and learn how to fill these gaps, both at an individual and organizational
3. Gain application/execution skills for strategy consultancy both at individual and organizational level. 

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