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MDP on Strategies for Online Businesses

Platforms have existed for years. Shopping malls link consumers and traders, whereas newspapers connect subscribers and advertisers. What has changed today, is the technology, that has helped to scale up platform businesses. Most of the new age firms from Flipkart to PayTm, to Uber to Airbnb, have witnessed spectacular growth and disrupted the existing business models. Managers and entrepreneurs need to have a deep understanding of the power of a platform-mediated network. 


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The programme shall focus on important analytical and behavioral aspects of platform mediated networks. Case method will be used to focus on the following main themes of platform mediated networks:

  • Platform mediated network theory
  • Sharing Economy
  • Framework for expanding shared economy platforms,
  • Designing the platform for success
  • Pricing and Profitability of platforms
  • Competitive positioning
  • Digital financial platforms for financial inclusion
  • Policy Gap Analysis and recommendations for Shared economy

To understand how the rise of platforms is transforming competition, we need to examine how platforms differ from conventional pipeline businesses that have dominated the industry for decades. This program seeks to familiarize the entrepreneurs and executives in the use of important tools and techniques of platform-mediated networks to aid strategy formulation in different contexts. This would help them to undertake effective strategies to gain and build sustainable competitive advantage for their organizations.

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