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MDP on E-Governance & Government Process Change

E-Governance is commonly understood as the use of ICTs (Information & Communication Technologies), especially the internet, as a tool to achieve better government. Today, the concept of E-Governance is being adopted by the governments of many countries and is seen as a reform programme aiming at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the government services. However, e-Governance is just not another information technology application; rather it is a complex system that has to be implemented in a dynamic environment involving citizens, policy makers, policy executors, government processes and policy regulatory frameworks.


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The deliverable modules in this program are:

  • Establishing the need for E-Governance Systems in Government/ public sector undertakings
  • Understanding the concept and application of government process re-engineering (GPR)
  • Planning for E-Governance Systems
  • Implementation of E-Governance Systems
  • Managerial Issues in change implementation
  • Sensitize professionals to the need for; and scope of E-Governance applications in various areas of government/ public sector organization;
  • Provide integrated inputs in government process re-engineering (GPR); Planning and Implementation issues;
  • Develop appreciation of the importance of E-Governance applications to government through the use of case studies of the real life and simulated environment.

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