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MDP on Digital Communications and Marketing Strategies

In today’s digital space customers are more connected, more informed, and more empowered to engage on their terms than ever before. Organizations need to reinvent their role in customer’s digital world, create memorable engaging experiences and use modern digital marketing platforms to scale and respond quickly to lead the marketplace. The businesses that win customers in the digital space will be the businesses of tomorrow.

Introduction of Digital Marketing with correct communication skills, set to be known as the future of Marketing, will help your organization rapidly grow in the current marketing playing field. A better understanding of your existing as well as potential customers in this digitally connected space will also assist the organization to be better informed, prepared and leverage the knowledge to face the future competition. 


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  • What would be the future of Marketing,
  • Factors affecting the marketing strategy and its ROI
  • What is Social Media Marketing strategy and Social Consumers
  • What are the four zones of Social Media to design an effective marketing strategy.
  • Understanding Return on Investment of social media marketing.
  • Effective content writing for high Search engine optimization
  • Understanding 7 Cs of Communication
  • Principles of effective writing for blogs
  • Develop and manage real world digital marketing plans
  • Optimizing communication skills for efficient digital employee engagement
  • Understanding how to increase visibility
  • Enhancing Customer Retention and Effective Engagement 
  • Overview to the Future of Marketing
  • Foundation of Social Media Marketing
  • Understanding four zones of Social Media
  • Increasing the ROI of Social Media Marketing
  • To make one self-market ready to influence selling
  • Usage of effective communication skills to augment marketability
  • Understanding communication strategies for extracting more human productivity

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