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MDP on Client Communication in Business Analytics

Successful managers today are managing change and responsiveness to a competitive environment through effective Computation and Communication skills. Managers who can communicate effectively can process information, and relate it back to their teams clearly. Effective communication skills facilitate the managers in understanding, deciphering, and relating the organization’s vision back to their employees in order to maintain productivity.

Managers also need to be competent in understanding the internal and external business environment and understand markets and trends. This requires knowledge of data analysis and reporting tools. Spreadsheets are wonderful tools to track the present and predict the future. This programme is designed to train the managers in basic and advanced communication and computation tools.


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  • Effective Communication for Leadership Development
  • The Art of Self- Leadership
  •  Managerial Efficacy through Communication Strategies
  • Higher Perspective on Personal and Professional Growth
  • Spiritual Bases of Business and Management
  • Selection of Statistical techniques based on the nature data
  • Bivariate Analysis: Measures of difference and association
  • Regressions: Simple and multiple regression, Logistic regression
  • Data Mining Techniques: Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Conjoint Analysis, Multidimensional scaling, Discriminant Analayis
  • To make the individual/ manager understand holistically to gain the greatest comprehensions within the limitations of individual’s/ manager’s own
  • psychological prowess  To understand the contemporary meaning of leadership which is not to make money but to make meaning
  •  How to inculcate the passion to love one’s work
  • To comprehend the art of micro and macro managing
  • Personality Rehabilitation
  • To introduce basic of Business Analytics(BA)
  • Applications of BA in different managerial functions including client communication
  • Introduction to BA tools: Excel and SPSS
  • BA techniques: Regressions, Clustering, Conjoint, MDS, Discriminant analysis etc.

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