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MDP on Business Process Change & IT Applications

Business processes, like never before, are now considered strategic intellectual assets that have special emphasis on outcomes, particularly on customer satisfaction. This orientation looks at business processes from three different perspectives.

  • From a Strategic perspective, 
  • From a Customer-focus perspective,
  • From the traditional Operational perspective, 


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  • Understanding and establishing the need for business process improvement
  • Analysis & Design of Business Processes
  • Implementation of Business Processes and applications of Integrated Information Systems
  • Managerial Issues in process implementation and change management.
  • Sensitize professionals to the need for; and scope of business processes improvement and applications of IT in various areas like Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations and IT Management.
  • Provide integrated inputs in Business process concepts; mapping and analysis of ‘AS-IS’ processes; diagnostic tools; and Implementation of ‘TO-BE’ processes.
  • Develop an overall understanding on innovatively integrating information technologies like enterprise resource planning (ERP) and web-based systems into redesigned business processes.
  • Develop an understanding on building effective process implementation and change management plans.

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