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MDP on A Spreadsheet and Statistical Software Approach for Business Analysis and Optimization

This is a training programme designed specifically in three customized modules dedicated to the growing needs of spreadsheet workings and statistical software, business optimization for better resources utilization, and cost tradeoffs while making important management decisions. The programme is vital for all industry executives from senior management to middle-level executives involved in business decision making. The programme would include small business cases methods of practicing data analysis which enables reasoned decision making.


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1. Module - 1
This module helps an executive develop basic understanding and practice of numbers, MS Excel Formulas, MS Excel Feature, readily available Excel
Data Analysis Tool Pak, sheets formatting and professional reports generation, MS excel sheet automation.
a. Introduction to Fundamentals of Spreadsheet (MS Excel)
b. Introduction to Data Analysis using MS Excel (Data Analysis Tool Pack)
c. Fundamentals of Statistics and Business Applications using SPSS/ R Software

2. Module - 2
This module enables executives to optimize (maximize contribution to profit, and minimize cost and time) and appreciate efficient utilization of
resources viz: money, machine hours, man hours, scarce material. Supplier business award, transportation and manpower scheduling, maximization
of advertising exposure, capacity and distribution planning are quick examples of business optimization. The 20th century is witnessed that the
organizations using tools of optimization have grown multi-folds.
a. Introduction to Business Optimization Techniques
b. Practicing Optimization using MS Excel (Premium Solver as an Optimization)
c. Industry Application of Optimization (Optimization Software)

3. Module - 3
This module is designed to enhance the decision making of executives such that they can substantiate their decisions with appropriate business
reasoning. Almost every decision involves a cost benefit tradeoff, and the executives must appreciate that the life of impact of their decision is not
limited to their appraisal cycle, but much larger. Manager’s decisions should not only account the multiple intangible benefits for the organization,
but also the hidden costs associated with the decisions over its life.

The training programme is designed and developed to enhance the current capabilities of official associated in day to day operations, and decision making using spreadsheet, statistical software packages, and developing a number sense. The programme provides an excellent opportunity to learn:

  • Basics of spreadsheet workings and sensing numbers
  • Business optimization and customized industry applications
  • Fundamentals of statistical concepts for business
  • Cost benefit analysis before making decisions
  • Solver for optimization in MS excel
  • Initiate using statistical packages and breaking the iceberg
  • Value of a decision over its life (Concept of Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Industry practices used by competitors and partners in the industry
  • Network with the similar and cross functional industry professionals
  • Appreciating efficient utilization of organization’s resources
  • Enhance the existing analytical and decision making capabilities

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