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ISBM University is a new-age university committed to provide innovative learning programs to meet the requirements of the industry. ISBM University programs are research driven, skill based and knowledge intensive. The University is envisioned to be a centre of academic innovation and research where students and faculty would collaborate together to learn, research, create, innovate, inspire and incubate.

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Our vision is to be a distinguished University committed to entrepreneurship and incubation, that lets a thousand minds bloom with virtues of knowledge, wisdom and humanity.

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News & events


Annual function held at ISBM University- Indradhanush 2019! The Annual Function was celebrated on February 11, 2019 at ISBM University. The Programme was inaugrated by the lightning of traditions lamp and pooja of Goddess Sarawasti. Chief Guest of the function was Amitesh Shukla, MLA Rajim Vidhan Sabha. The function was presided over by Prof. Mahesh Agarwal, Dr Vinay Agarwal(Chancellor), Prof D.M Deshpande( Vice-Chancellor), and  Other special Guest. The visited guest were honoured with floral bouquets which was followed by welcome songs by students. The welcome speech was given by TG Madhusudan,Deputy Registrar in Hindi, English and Chhattisgarhi which the guests encouraged by clapping. Speaking on the occasion Vice Chancellor D.M Deshpande gave information about University courses and new techniques of education and information about online education for studies. Chancellor Dr.Vinay Agarwal thanked all for giving new heights to ISBM University and asked to launch a new Courses and organise employment fair. The students presented the cultural programmes, Ganesh Vandana, Rajasthani dance, Ghoomar dance, Punjabi Dance, Patriotic songs and other cultural programmes. The Prizes were also Distributed to students. Vote of Thanks was expressed by Prof.Fanish Chandrakar.


Legislative literacy camp was organized by Dept. of Law at ISBM University Campus! Legislative literacy camp was organized by Law Studies. On this occasion, Vice Chancellor Prof. D. Deshpande and Additional District Judge of Garia Bandh, Mrs. Madhu Tiwari and Shri Shailesh Patwardhan, Civil Judge, Griya Baband and Senior Advisor, Shri Harinarayan Dwivedi, Shri Loknath Yadav, Mr. Khumeshwar Yadav, Mr. Tikaram Sahu, Tilak Yadav, Madan Sen, Umashankar Sahu , And SI Kemalal Sahu were present, while addressing the program, Shri Harinarayan Dwivedi said that the there is special significance of law in daily life. The lack of legal information is exploited by the people, therefore it is a pragmatic task to spread awareness among people through such programs. Mr. Khumeshwar informed the problems of the people in the absence of information about the right to information! Mr. Patwardhan gave information on the process of court, legal aid for economically weaker sections, importance of Lok Adalat, rights of women on property, women's rights!Mr. Sohan Lal Sahu informed about legal aid and service through District Law Service Authority. University Vice-Chancellor gave the information about the need to be aware of the law in the formation of society in its evolution!Mr. Sohan Lal Sahu informed about legal aid and service through District Law Service Authority. University Vice-Chancellor gave the information about the need to be aware of the law in the formation of society in its evolution. Chief Minister Smt. Madhu Tiwari (District Sessions and Additional Judge, Garia Bandh) gave detailed information on the functions of the office of the manager and the women's protection law, bail and non-bailable offenses in this court. On this occasion, the students and professors of the university, A detailed reply to the questions related to this was given by Mrs. Madhu Tiwari. The launch of the program was done on the photograph of Saraswati Mata and offered by Duph ignition. The Guest who arrived were welcomed by Lecturers with the bouquet of flowers. The welcome song was presented by university students. The welcome speech was given by Arjun Singh Chauhan, Prof. P. Verma informed about the vision and conduct of the university. The successful operation of the forum was advocated by advocate Loknath Sahuji. Prof. Uttam Sharma and Prof. Pravin Yadav. Prof. Fanish Chandrakar thanked everyone for the program. In this program, Mr. Sheetal Dhruv, social worker Shri Chaman Lal Ji and students of the University were present.


Rifle training for NCC cadets in ISBM University Rifle training for NCC cadets in ISBM University was organized in Higher Secondary School, Panduka. Through which the cadets were given information about 7.62 mmsl and .22 rifles, Under the guidance of Colonel Vikas Verma, Commanding Officer, 27CG battalion, NCC, Raipur, under the guidance of Mr. Gokul Prasad Sahu, Chief Officer, Mr. Rajpal Singh Nayak, Subedar Yogeshwar Prasad, CMH, Jaswant Singh, phonetu. Officer Mr. Sahu told that the cadets were given information about the rifle part, the effective range, the weight of the rifle, the length of the barrel magazines etc. How the rifle was opened and added, detailed information about the rifle cleanliness and running position was given.How to read and use the Map Reading Compass Service Gatectter etc. and gave information about its usefulness in the army. Cadetto participated in training with great enthusiasm. The purpose of this type of training is to join the army in the future and serve the country. Successful operation of this program was done by Gokul Prasad Sahu. 


International Human Rights Day was celebrated at ISBM University International Human Rights Day was celebrated at ISBM University campus. On this occasion, the tribal tribute was given to the region's first freedom fighters, Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh and famous writer Pt Shyamlal Chaturvedi. Student Deoraj Nayak B.A First year and Mahendra Yadav B.A  second year held its own in relation to human rights. Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Sahu, the Head of the Department of Arts Facilitator, organized the program, welcoming all professors and students present in the program and explained the historical background of international human rights Magnetara. Also mentioning human rights declared by the United Nations on December 10, 1948, citing the massacre and human rights abuses during the First and Second World War. Pro. Pritam Sahu said that human rights are essential for the development of the person's personality; in this episode, while paying homage to the works of Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh, Veer Narayan Singh opposed Zulmo of the British rule and the rights of the rural exploiters They were martyrs while protecting. Pro. Diamond Sahu presented human rights as essential for human life and paid homage while remembering the works of Padmashree Shree Shyamlal Chaturvedi, honored by Padma Shri as the famous literary journalist and social activist of the zone. Pro. The President of Arjun Singh Chauhan said that the demand for human rights has arisen against the world's monarchy system, which the United Nations has implemented and implemented. Pro. Dr. V. Verma, Head of Department of Science Studies, said that it is necessary to understand human rights that every human being understands and treats human qualities of oneself. Dr. Piyush Mehta inspired the positive use of human rights. Successful operation of the program by the student Keshav Dhruva, Baleshwari Tandon has forgotten "Why human beings, everyone is the work of the soil. Nirbhaya shadow of everything, none has come here, special boon has been forgotten, why did people forget? Human rights were highlighted by expressing gratitude to the hierarchical lines, K. Pilleshwari, Tulsi and Bharati presented Saraswati Vandana and welcome songs on this occasion. University Professor Garima Diwan, Supriya Chandrakar, Girisha Acharya, Vimala Sona, Hemant Kumar, Bhupesh Patra, Phanish Chandrakar, Ashwini Kumar Sahu, Hemant Pandey, Rishabh Sharma, Romibala, Uttam Sharma, Shilpa Verma Rikesh Hu Nalin Belia, and creation was attended by students - students in Chandrakar and large numbers.


Computer Literacy Day was organized by the Information and Technology Department at ISBM University Computer Literacy Day was organized by the Information and Technology Department at ISBM University. The program was launched by lighting the lamp and giving a wreath to Mother Saraswati. Head of the Department Bhupesh Patra highlighted the purpose of organizing the program while delivering a welcome address and expressed concern over the fact that even today, the computer literacy rate in India is lower than other countries in the world. Professor of the Department Rishabh Sharma gave detailed information about electronic digital services on Digital Banking, Digital India, M-Farmer, e-Hospital, Digital Panchayat, e-District, e-name, National Carrier Service. The use of digital service saves both time and money. The students of the Nutrition Department Mr. Dhruv gave information in detail about the structure, methodology and their branches, type, and equipment, introducing the computer. Student Mohit warned about cybersecurity in the field of information technology as a key achievement and given a speech on both positive and negative dimensions of technology. Student Rakesh Thakur said that cybercrime, hacker, using the virtual keyboard to prevent anti-virus and to check HTTPS before logging is necessary. On this occasion, the play was staged by the students, in which absence of technology showed two pictures of one India, one which is backward in new technology and another is equipped with new technology. A documentary film based on Digital India was also shown in the program. Prof. Pravin Yadav Head of the Department of Engineering Studies Speaks about the importance of computer technology and said that the computer brought widespread change in our lives. Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Sahu, Head of Department, Arts Faculty said that the knowledge of computer is the demand of the present time. There is no age for acquiring knowledge, take it from where ever you get. Pro. VP Verma, Department of Science, while clarifying literacy said that education is necessary for life whether that should be of alphabets or computer education. Dr. Piyush Mehta (Dean), said that the need for employment in the information and technology sector is possible while stating the need for computer technology education. Pro. Bhupendra Devangan expressed gratitude for the cooperation of all the recipients for the event. The program was successfully managed by Prof. Geisha Acharya. The information and technology resources were displayed by the students through Rangoli. All the professors of the university and a large number of students were present in the program.


ISBM University Conducted Corporate Seminar at NH NARAYANA HOSPITAL ISBM University Conducted Corporate Seminar at NH NARAYANA HOSPITAL on the Topic of Stress Management! This Seminar was lead by the Speaker Mr. Chandan Ghosh Choudhury! To achieve a Happy and Successful life in modern society, it is necessary to have control over your stress! 


Constitution Day is celebrated at ISBM University Campus Constitution Day, also known as Samvidhan Divas, is celebrated at ISBM University Campus on 26 November.


Training conducted at Satin Credit Care by ISBM University on Business Communication Training conducted at Satin Credit Care by ISBM University on Business Communication.  "Effective communication is important for the development of an organization. It is something which helps the managers to perform the basic functions of management- Planning, Organizing, Motivating and Controlling. Communication skills whether written or oral form the basis of any business activity"


ISBM University supported students for Cooking Food and organized "KHANA KHAJANA" Competitio ISBM University supported students for Cooking Food and organized "KHANA KHAJANA" Competition! Cooking is an art and ISBM University gives a platform to students to showcase their art by organizing this Competition


Essay Competition Conducted by ISBM University! Essay Competition Conducted by ISBM University! Many Students has participated in this Competition and shared their thoughts in form of words! 


"Vote for What is Right" Campaign held at University Campus "Vote for What is Right" Campaign held at University Campus 


ISBM University Celebrated National Unity Day! On 31st October 2018, ISBM University Celebrated National Unity Day! Students supported this event and spread the message of Unity -"Where there is unity there is always victory" and shows the unity and strength of ISBM University!


Inauguration of 2 days workshop among Marketing Executive at ISBM University Inauguration of 2 days workshop among Marketing Executive at ISBM University


EXAMINATION NOTIFICATION No. ISBM/Exam Dept./2018/05                                                                    Date: 22/10/2018                                          EXAMINATION NOTIFICATION This is to inform students of all courses of Semester Pattern that, their Semester End Examinations are scheduled to be held from Third week of December, 2018 onwards. Students are required to follow all instructions related to examinations before filling up the examination form. To appear in the examinations, every student has to apply in prescribed examination form from 24th October, 2018. The last date for submission of duly filled examination form without late fee is 19th November, 2018 and with late fee is 30th November, 2018. Only submission of Examination Form will not entitle a student to be eligible to appear for examination.  Students who have fulfilled all eligibility criteria only will be allowed to appear in the examination. Students whose T.C, Migration Certificate and other necessary documents which justify their candidature are pending will not be allowed to submit their examination forms. Students are directed to clear all their dues before submission of examination form. Submission of Examination form on time will be the sole responsibility of the student.                                                                                       Dy. Registrar (Examinations)  


University students and professors went for the visit to the famous "Tenganahi" Temple On the occasion of Navratri (Astami), University students and professors went for the visit to the famous "Tenganahi" Temple Chhattisgarh. Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Sahu, Assistant Professor of the University, collected information and said that there is an old history behind the name of Goddess Tenganhi on the hill. 


MDP organized for KIFS Trade Capital Pune by ISBM University The program was conducted on the topic of Motivation and it was explained in depth how Internal and External motivation is important for each and every individual representing the organization. Once the employee is motivated, the productivity to work will not only increase but he/she will work more effectively and efficiently.  


The National Cadet Corps (NCC) 27 C.G. Battalion The National Cadet Corps (NCC) 27 C.G. Battalion Raipur unit has been established in ISBM University Campus. Nb Subedar Ajit Kumar inspected the University and shared detailed information about NCC with the students. The University has got permission to run 53 cadets unit. The unit lead by Prof. Gokul Prasad Sahu (Animal Science Studies) and Prof. Hemant Pandey (Mathematical Study) will provide support. In the field of higher education, the first unit of Garia Bandh is being opened in the university. Hundreds of students are eager to become NCC cadets. The main objective of NCC is to awaken the spirit of unity and discipline in the cadet and be prepared for national security.


Three-days Enterpreunship Awareness Camp Three-days Enterpreunship Awareness Camp has been organized by the Chhattisgarh Industrial and Technical Consultancy Center (CITCON) at ISBM University. Under which, subject experts have lectured on various topics related to camp for the first two days and on the third day students have been taken to Ice-Cream Factory Raipur for study analysis. Today the first day of the program was done with Saraswati Vandana. Topic Expert Prof. Anil Sriram Kadal gave lectures on Communication skills in the first technical session. He explains how knowledge of subject and language necessary for successful communication and detailed information on properties, values, types, needs and characteristics. He emphasize the use of local dialects and Body language for communication. In the second technical session, Mr. Kaushutub Dharmadhikari, the founder of Caps iceCream, has given an brief how the beginning of the company to the present situation that what difficulties were faced in launching the company and how to take precautions. He mentioned that prior to starting a new industry, there should be complete information related to production and the ability to take risk. We should not be over confident. We must aware of the right information about the production, the demand of consumers and availability of the market. Camps is the first Ice cream company in Chhattisgarh, has been growing steadily for 18 years since its establishment. Starting at the cost of one million today is the annual turnover in Chrores. Prof. D. Deshpande, Vice Chancellor of the University, encouraged students to research and suggested to be consistently updated for themselves in the ratio of development. On this occasion, Mr. Dipak Gaikwad, the coordinator of Sitakan was also present. Dr. Piyush Mehta gave the welcome speech and told the purpose of organizing the camp. The program was successfully managed by Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Sahu. On this occasion, Prof. OP Verma, Giriima Dewan, Supriya Chandrakar, Mamta Devangan, Romibala, Vimala Sona, Praveen Kumar Yadav, Hemant Pandey, Dikshit Chandrakar, Pritam Sahu, Ashwini Kumar Sahu, Shilpa Verma, Uttam Sharma, Rishabh Sharma, Hemant Kumar, Arjun Singh Chauhan, Bhupesh Patra and a large number of students were present.


ISBM University launched a cleanliness campaign ISBM University launched a cleanliness campaign at the Government Higher Secondary School, Kosmi, on the occasion of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi and the former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri ji. On this occasion the students took the cleanliness rally and visited the entire village.


The debate competition was organized by the Academy Department The debate competition was organized by the Academy Department at University campus on topics  "In the opinion of this House, human beings are responsible for natural disasters." In favor of the subject, Tinu Anand, Lukesh and Yogtant Yadav have their thoughts in favor of Hemendra Kumar Yadav, Balram Netam, Sameer Memon, Devraj Nayak, Devraj Nagvanshi, Dev Narayan, Dhananjay and Murari and the subject. All the participants explained the natural disasters in detail, due to natural calamities, loss due to them and the impact of society and measures to control disasters etc. All the participants tried to keep their sides firmly. In the program, Dr. Bhupendra Kumar (Political Science Studies) in charge, while highlighting the objectives and rules of organizing the competition, encouraging the participants said that the overall reading of the subject is necessary for holding a good hold on the subject and presenting it. This type of organizing is helpful in student development of students and increase self-confidence. Pro. Pritam Sahu underlined the importance of the subject in the current perspective while entering the subject. Pro. Garima Diwan congratulated the organizing committee and all the participants for the successful organizing of the competition and thanked them. Successful operation of the program Prof. Girisha Acharya did the job. On this occasion Professor of the University O P Verma, Gokul Prasad Sahu, Supriya Chandrakar, Vimala Sona, Arjun Singh Chauhan, Diksha Chandrakar, Rishabh Sharma, Ashwini Sahu, Bhupendra Devangan, Praveen Kumar Yadav Shilpi Verma were present and Prof. Hemant Pandey, Diamond Sahu and Mrs Uttamma Sharma were in the role of casting.


Hindi Day was celebrated at ISBM University Campus Hindi Day was celebrated at ISBM University Campus. The program was started after the worship of Lord Saraswati! Dean Dr Piyush Mehta talked about the importance of Hindi language, after which the lecture and poetry were read in Hindi by the students. Prof. Praveen Yadav ji highlighted the interesting element associated with Hindi language. Hindi poetry was read by Pritam Sahu. Discussed on Dr. Bhupendra Sahu's Hindi language significance and importance! Prof. O. P. Verma had talked about the number of languages spoken in India and the number of dwindling languages, the program organizer Prof. Diamond Sahu had read Hindi poetry while presenting ideas on the necessity of Hindi language and the need for propaganda. The program was run by Tinu Anand and while promising Hindi poetry, Prof. Phanish Chandrakar ji thanked! All professors and scholars of the university were present in this program! The program's instruction is given by the University's Media In charge Hemant Kumar.


Teej festival was celebrated University campus On 11/09/2018, the Teej festival was celebrated by the cultural committee and students at the University campus. In which the Mehendi competition was organized by the girls who have applied Mehendi on the hands of the lady teachers and everyone wishes each other for Teej! It was organized by the University's Cultural Committee, where all the professors gave important support!


Atal: Tree Plantation Mahotsav was organized by the Political Science Department At ISBM University Campus Atal: Tree Plantation Mahotsav was organized by the Political Science Department. On this occasion, Prof. D. Deshpande, Vice Chancellor of the University and Secretary General of Chhattisgarh, Shri Tauqir Raza (Member - State Minority Commission, Chhattisgarh Government) and Secretary Dr. Vernika Sharma were present on the occasion. While addressing the program, Tauqir Raza ji said that students of national security advised to be vigilant and highlighted the importance of trees.  While communicating enthusiasm among the students - Dr. Vrinda Sharma said that besides tree planting, protection of trees is important, so that the trees have been built by protecting them and motivated peoples to keep them safe and about the objectives and activities of National Security Jagran Manch Detailed information is given by Vice-Chancellor of The University that the student needs to encouraged for military education and advised to serve the nation. On this occasion, University Professor Diamond Sahu and Mamta Devangan read "Atal Bihari Vajpayee's poems" Joining the steps and singing the songs ". The program was inaugurated burning lamp with a tribute to Late. Ex. PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Successful operation of the program was done by Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Sahu, Political Science Studies and Program Coordinator. Young Youth Congressman Kanha Singh Thakur read the country's devotional poem and administered oath in the context of tree management to all those present in the program. The attendees were honored by Shawl and Shrifi by the University. Dr. Piyush Mehta (Dean) gave best wishes for the successful program and thanked the memorandum. The program was attended by Shri Sanjeev Kumar Poddar and Sandeep Gadpale activist National Security Jagran Manch and all the faculty and students of the university.


The orientation program was organized by the Department of Culture at campus The orientation program was organized by the Department of Culture on 10.08.2018. Its auspicious time was done through Saraswati Poojan and Saraswati Vandana. Dr Piyush Mehta introduce the University and various institutions like: Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Human Resource and Development, University Grants Commission, AICTE, P.R.C. Speaking about affiliation with University and Bar Council of India as well as to make them aware about various courses being run by the University. Through the statement, the various facilities provided by the University, such as bus, hostels, library, book bank, education fees, and exemption of scholarships for girl students were explained.  After this, a brief introduction of all the faculty members was given by the science division head Mr. O.P.Verma. For the successful organizing of the program, Dr. Bhupendra Sahu thanked all the students and faculty members for the program. Successful operation of this program was done by Phaneesh Chandrakar and committee member Srishti Chandrakar, Vimala Sona, Mamta Devangan and Supriya Chandrakar, Professor Garima Deewan, Geisha Acharya, Bhupesh Patra, Gokul Sahu, Diamond Sahu, Arjun Singh Chauhan, Ravinder Singh, Manoj Sahu, Chunnu Thakur, Rahul Mishra, Babita Dikshit, Saraswati Sahu and all the students are present in this program. Information of this program was given by the University's Media Incharge Hemant Kumar.


Swatchhta Pakhawada Program held at ISBM University Campus Swatchhta Pakhawada Program under PMKY  Addressed By Mr. O.P. Verma (Asso. Prof. SOS). at University Campus.


KARGIL Vijay Divas was organized at ISBMUniversity Campus KARGIL Vijay Divas was organized today by Political Science Department at ISBM University campus . Mr. R. D. Tiwari (Retired Army) was the main speaker of the program. The program organizer Dr. Bhupendra Kumar gave a welcome address while explaining the purpose of the program and gave information about the Kargil war through PTP. Well Tejkumari, Jayshree, Devshree and Durga, Suman, the group song and Mahendra Yadav presented the country's devotional songs. Well Tikheshwari, Uttam Kumar and Yogant Yadav presented the ideas. Hindi Department Prof. Diamond Sahu gave information about the bravery and courage of Yogendra Singh Yadav, who was martyred in Kargil war. The Chief Speaker apprised the situation of the soldiers stationed in Tiger Hill, Drass and Dokalam, located in the Indian borders - and called upon all the students - that they should serve the nation by becoming all good citizens. Pro. O P. Verma gave a vote of thanks while giving important information about the Kargil war. Successful operation of the program Prof. Mamta Devganan did it. On this occasion, Professor Garima Diwan, Supriya Chandrakar, Girisha Acharya, Vimala Sona, Hemant Kumar, Bhupesh Patra, Gokul Prasad Sahu and Rajesh Sahu, Chunnu Thakur, Smt. Babita Dikshit, Saraswati Sahu employees were present on the occasion. A documentary film based on the Kargil war was also shown in the program.


Two-day National Seminar on "Cyber Security Issues" at Indira Gandhi Agricultural University National Security Jagran Manch Chhattisgarh Chapters organized a two-day National Seminar on "Cyber Security Issues" at Indira Gandhi Agricultural University Raipur. In the program, Mr. R. K. Shyamsundar, Vineet Kumar, Rakshit Tandon, Mahendra Limaye, Sanjay Sahai, Kaza Sudhakar, Ritesh Bhatia, Rahul Tyagi and Prof. N. K. Goyal's lecture was done. All speakers stress proper action on the right use of social media and violation of the law. 10 students ISBM University Navapara (Kosmi) Tehsil Chura, District-  Gariabandh, have been participated in the seminar, included Somesh Sahu,Labesh, Namas Chandrakar, Neeraj Nayak, Yogant Yadav, Sushma, Bhuneshwari, Priyanka, Girija and Devadamini. Certificates have been distributed to the winners. Students met with the Prof. Ravi Shankar Shukla and K. L. Courtesy of Verma, Vice-Chancellor of Raipur University and Enlightening the students. This seminar has been conducted with the presence of Chief Minister of the state Dr. Raman Singh, Mr. Indresh Kumar, Mr. Brij Mohan Agarwal, Prem Prakash Pandey, Shrimati Ramsheela Sahu, Shreekhand Sundari and Prof. s. K. Patil (VC).


International Yoga Day celebrated at ISBM University Campus Yoga Training was organized collectively by the University professors,officers and employees on the occasion of International Yoga Day in ISBM University Campus.


Presentation on Digital Initiative programme (SWAYAM) at Campus Presentation on Digital Initiative programme (SWAYAM) among staff members at ISBM University Campus Kosmi (Chhura) by Prof.O.P. Verma.


ISBM University awarded "MOST EMERGING UNIVERSITY 2018" ISBM University awarded "MOST EMERGING UNIVERSITY 2018" by Hon. Ex-Chief Minister of Uttarakhand State by "Shri Harish Rawat" at New Delhi.


ISBM University awarded MOST INNOVATIVE UNIVERSITY by Hon. Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh -Shri Rama ISBM University awarded "MOST INNOVATIVE UNIVERSITY" by Hon. Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh 'Shri Raman Singh', Hon. Higher Education Minister of Chhattisgarh State 'Shri Prem Prakash Pandey' and Hon. School Education Minister of Chhattisgarh State 'Shri Kedar Kashyap' at #Sushiksha event on 25th June in Raipur, in association with News18Network.


World Environment Day 2018 Celebrated at ISBM University Campus "We won't have a Society if we Destroy the Environment." #WorldEnvironmentDay 2018 Protect nature and its resources by Planting Trees. Stop littering and say goodbye to plastic use.


DLEd exams were held at the ISBMUniversity campus DLEd exams were held at the #ISBMUniversity campus. Honorable Vice Chancellor Dr.Deshpande addressing the teachers after the completion of the exams.


Cricket Competition 2018 - ISBM University Campus "A healthy mind resides in a healthy body". At ISBMUniversity, you are offered a plethora of fitness and recreation avenues. See a glimpse of the "Cricket Competition" 2018 meant to invigorate in students and faculty a desire to stay fit through physical activities.


Block level - Essay Competition was organized at ISBM University Campus Essay Competition was organized at the development block level in the perspective of Minority Rights Day, 2017-18 organized by the government in ISBM University Navapara (Kosmi), Chhura, District -  Gariabandh. In the above competition, the students of the university were rewarded in which the role Bhardwaj first, Digeshwari Sahu II and Akash Jain got third place; and Lukesh Kumar Thakur, Bhuneshwari Bariha, Nomesh Chandrakar, Pashan Dhruv, Pooja Sahu, Lovesh Chandrakar, Uttam Sinha, Sushma Sahu, Yogant Yadav, Yamini Tandon, Bhuneshwari Sahu and Priyanka Goswami consolation prize prima Chancellor of appropriate Huakbiswvidyaly Pro DM Deshpande has rewarded students - added excitement of students and in the future also encouraged to participate in various competitions of this type. On this occasion, Prof. Dr. Piyush Mehta (Dean), Prof. Dr. P. Verma, Garima Deewan, Supriya Chandrakar, Diamond Sahu, Gokul Sahu, Vimala Sona, Geisha Acharya and Arjun Singh Chauhan were present. The organizer of the competition was Prof. Hemant Chandrakar (chemistry department) and the program was run by Prof. Bhupendra Kumar Sahu (Department of Political Science).


ISBM University has now joined hands with BOSCH. In collaboration with ISBM University, BOSCH Limited the German automaker, has launched a Training Center in Gariyaband, Chhattisgarh. The joint certification center is located inside the premises of ISBM University. Spread across 5000 sq.ft, the center will impart training in the areas of diesel systems, gasoline systems, diagnostics and auto electricals among others areas. The Center has been equipped with Bosch Equipment. The training center will provide BOSCH-BRIDGE programs to students of ISBM University, technicians and service personnel alike. “In the automotive aftermarket sector, Bosch is among the highest generators of employment. However, given India’s insufficient labor pool there is a need to build on the country’s employability level, the same has also been identified by the Government of India which has initiated the Skill India program,” Dr. Vinay Agrawal, Chancellor of ISBM University said. “Our joint vision is to ensure the youth of India is able to build a sustainable future.” Bosch has been providing training services to thousands of technicians, service personnel, and lately, educational institutions for over a decade. Training courses from the Group offer knowledge of the evolving technologies, and at the same time provide hands-on experience with the latest equipment. Bosch has 31 training touch points across India and a total of 42,000 participants have been trained during the year 2017.


ISBM University Presented with the Best Upcoming University Award ISBM University awarded the Best Upcoming University by the World Education Summit in association with India Today. The award was presented by ‘Purushottam Rupala’ Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture and Panchayati Raj.


"Indradhanush"- The Clutural and Colorful Annual Day at ISBM University “Indradhanush”- The First Annual Day organized at ISBM University, Nawapara, Kosmi, District- Gariyaband. It was the most cultural and colorful program organized by the University for the first time. On the occasion of Annual Day students performed various skits conveying that every religion is same and also few modern songs like “Dara Lor Ge Hai Re” and “Mai Teri Girlfriend” were performed. The program was started by lightning the lamp and also offering floral wreath to Goddess Saraswati. Mr. Santosh Upadhyay MLA Rajim, the honorable chief guest of the program, said in his remark that the quote “ Beti Bachau Desh Badhao” has to be taken into consideration and even overview the struggles of the women to come up on their own was justified, he even shared his struggles through his political life and encouraged the students to go ahead with the same will power and the enthusiasm which they carry now. “The Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha Educational Team” organized by the University announced the consolation amount of twenty five thousand rupees to students. Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Vinay Agrawal, who is presiding the program said that Employment is committed to providing education for livelihood to the youth of this region and we are trying to provide better education to the students through technology. . Mr. Rajesh Sahu was present as a special guest in the program. University’s student Kumari Bhuneshwari Sahu was rewarded as the best student of the year for her outstanding performance and also the Blue Group was remarked as the winner for the sports day and Green Group was awarded as the runner up. All the students of the University who participated and won Literature, cultural, academic and sports were also rewarded. Prof. TG Madhusudan, Deputy Registrar of the University delivered the welcome speech, Dr. Piyush Mehta Dean of the University presented the annual Report of the University and Prof. Srishti Chandrakar thanked the audience for being present for the occasion. The program was hosted by Bhupendra Kumar Sahu and Mamta Devang.  In this successful occassion, Ravi Singh, Ritu Kaushik, Abhay Kher, Gopal Pathak, Pragati Dwivedi, Rakesh Sahu, Deepali Naidu, Pooja Thakur, Rakesh Sahu, Varun Sahu, Bhupendra Sahu, Jharna Sahu, Domend Sahu, University Professor O P Verma , Garima Deewan, Hemant Kumar, Fanish Chandrakar, Diamond Sahu, Hemant Chandrakar, Romibala, Vimala Sona, Supriya Chandrakar, Girisha Acharya, Gokul Prasad Sahu, Bhupesh Patra and Ravinder Singh (Librarian) and Rajesh Sahu, Dinesh Sahu, Om Kumari Sahu, Chatru Thakur Babita Dixit, Saraswati Sahu provided immense support for the program.On this occasion the students as well their parents were present also the localites gave a visit to the program. Everyone present for the program had an invitation for the late dinner after the program organized in the premises of the University.


Rangoli Competition at ISBM University Chhura- ISBM University, Nawapara, Kosmi District-Gariyaband, Rangoli Competition was held on among University students. The competition was organized by the Cultural Committee of the University. Many students participated with enthusiasm. The participants conveyed a message of “Save Girl Child” and “Save Nature” by making rangolis. In the rangoli competition respectively, Lakshmi Prajapati and Devdamini Dhruv jointly secured first place, Pawan Mahanand secured second and Rekha Sahu stood on the third place. Apart from this there were also some outstanding rangolis done by Sunita Netam and Khomeshwari Sahu. The rangolis were judged by Prof. Mamta Dewang, Prof. Vimla Sona and Prof. Garima Divan. On this occasion, University Prof. Bhupendra Kumar Sahu, Hemant Kumar, Srishti Chandrakar, Hemant Chandrakar, Gokul Prasad Sahu, Diamond Sahu and Bhupesh Patra were present. University’s Annual Day is organized from tomorrow i.e. 14th March, 2018 starting at 1pm which is named Rainbow. For this program, as a chief guest Shri Santosh Upadhyay Regional MLA will be present.


International Women's Day Celebration at ISBM University Chhura- ISBM University Nawapara Kosmi Gariyabad, International Women’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm among all the students. All the lady professors of University were present for the program, Prof. Shrushti Chandarkar, Prof. Garima Diwan, Prof. Supriya Chandrakar, prof. Romi Bala, Prof. Girisha Acharya and Prof. Vimala Sona were given a chance to sit on the main stage. The whole program was dedicated to the Lady Professors and the students of University. The program was hosted by Prof. Fhanish Chandrakar who even conveyed the history behind celebrating the International Women’s Day. On this occasion many famous women’s were remembered for their achievements, in which primarily Mary Kom- the first Indian female boxer who won gold medal in Asian Games 2014, Bachendri Paul- the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest in 1984, Sania Mirza First Indian woman tennis player who stood first in the WTA doubles, Saina Nehwal - First Indian woman to secure the first position in the World Rankings 2015 for Badminton, Kiran Bedi - the first Indian woman IPS officer was elected in 1972, Pratibha Patil - the first Indian woman president, Mother Teresa - the first Indian woman to receive Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, Indira Gandhi - First Indian woman Prime Minister and Defense Minister, Mitali Raj - First Indian women cricketer to score the first double century in Test cricket, Kalpana Chawla- First Indian female astronaut, Rupa Devi - First Indian Referee for FIFA, TC Thomas - known as the Missile Women of India, and also remembered those unnamed women who were not happy with the circumstances of daughters struggling for them to move forward. On this occasion, quiz related to famous women was held. The winning participants were awarded with a Pen as a prize. Professor Bhupendra Kumar Sahu, Diamond Sahu, Hemant Kumar, Gokul Prasad Sahu, Hemant Chandrakar, Bhupesh Patra and Ravinder Singh- Librarian were present at the program. Dr. Piyush Mehta Dean of University congratulated the team on successful organization of the  program.


National Science Day was celebrated by the Dept. of Science & IT - ISBM University Campus National Science Day was celebrated by the Department of Science and Information Technology in ISBM University Kosmi(Navapara) Chakar District-Gariyaband. The program was started by lighting the lamp and giving a wreath to Ma Saraswati. On this occasion, Prof. O. Verma explained that “National Science Day is celebrated in India on 28 February each year to mark the discovery of the Raman effect by Dr. C. V. Raman” as well he gave an inspirational introduction on Dr. C. V. Raman’s life.Prof. SupriyaChandrakar told the importance of the science of daily life.Prof. GarimaDeewan highlighted the contribution of science to the field of medicine.On this occasion, among the University Students, PoojaSahu spoke on the Raman effect, YaminiTande on Probiotics      , DevadaminiDhruva on the transplantation, PriyankaGoswami gave information on Cancer and Gajendra shared information about chemistry.. On this occasion a questionnaire was organized for the students, in which questions related to science and technology such as “ Which birds fly backwards?, Which snake makes his own nest?, The rocket works on which principle?, Full form of IIT and Who was the father of chemistry? Such interesting questions are answered easily by the students.On this occasion, the University's Dean DrPiyush Mehta highlighted the importance of both the science and the arts, explaining the difference between them.The program was hosted by students YogatYadav and TinnuAnand. The program was successfully concluded under the leadership of Prof. O P Verma, Prof. HemantChandrakar, Prof. Romibala, Prof. Gokul Prasad Sahu and Prof. SupriyaChandrakar. Lalita Thakur and SushmaSahu presented Saraswati Vandanaand Prof. Bhupendra Kumar Sahu from Political Science Department congratulated the organizing committee and expressed gratitude towards it . University Professor Hemant Kumar, Diamond Sahu, Girisha Acharya, VimalaSona, SrishtiChandrakar, BhupeshPatra, FanishChandrakar and Shri Ravinder Singh Librarian were present on this occasion.


Two-day Annual Sports Competition at ISBM University Campus The two-day annual sports competition in ISBM University Kosmi Chura District-Gariyaband concluded with a lot many gains. The winners of various competition on the second day were, in 100 meter race for children, Prem Kumar Merkam stood first, KeshavDhruv was second and Mahesh stood third. Amongst girls class Saraswati took away the first prize, whereas Phanesh stood second and Dhaleshwaritook the third prize. In 200 meters race primary section HemlalSori took first place, Shravan took second and HemlalMarakam was on third. In the Girls category, Saraswati stood first, Phanesh stood second and Dhaleshwari got third place. In relay race HemlalSuri, HemlalMarakam, Satishwari and Dhaleshwarifrom Blue Group took away the first prize and Pintabar, Sandeep Sinha, BhumikaBhardharwaj and PhaneshVaishnavfrom Red Group stayed in second place. In Kho-Kho Blue Group stood first and Green Group was on second place. In primary section for Kabbadi Blue Group was at first place and Yellow Group remained in second place. Similarly, in the Girls category, Green Group was at first place and Blue Group was at second place. In Cricket, the winning team from Green Group and Blue Group was Green Group.Prof. Chandrashekar, Hemant Kumar, BhupeshPatra, HemantChandrakar, Diamond Sahu, Dr. Piyush Mehta, OP Verma, Shri AbhayKher, Bhupendra Kumar Sahu and Chunnu Ram Thakur played the role of Umpires.In this successful event, Prof. GarimaDeewan, SrishtiChandrakar, SupriyaChandrakar, Girisha Acharya, VimalaSona, MamtaDevanganRomibala and Shri Ravinder Singh (Librarian) and Rajesh Kumar Sahu gave their immense efforts to fulfil the event.On this occasion, Smt. KavitaSahu and Kavishash B. Sahu were present.Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. T.G. Madhusudan congratulated everyone for this successful event conducted and motivated studentsfor further competitions.University dean Dr. Piyush Mehta praised the sports spirit of the students and the game in-charge Prof. Gokul Prasad Sahu expressed gratitude to all.


International Mother Language Day was organized at University Campus International Mother Language Day was organized in ISBM University (Navapara) Kosmi Chakra District - Griya Bandh. The program was started by lighting the lamp. Khileshvari Dhruv, Kamini Nagesh and Tulsi Thakur presented Saraswati Vandana. On this occasion, students of university expressed their views. Akash Jain described the language as a way of expressing emotion and ones feelings, Pokhan Dhruv said that all mother tongues are best in themselves.


68th Republic Day was observed at University campus 68th Republic Day was observed in ISBM University Navapara (Kosmi) Chura, District-Gariyaband. University Vice Chancellor Prof. D. Deshpande hosted the flag and said in his statement that “The youth of the country should recognize their strengths and use them positively and become involved in the development of the country, while the knowledge of the constitution should be of all. The person should discharge his duties with his rights”. On this occasion, Prof. T.J. Madhusudan, Deputy Registrar of the University, Dr. Piyush Mehta, and Bhupendra Kumar Sahu, Political Science was also addressed. The program was launched by lighting lamp and offering wreaths to the great men. The program was hosted by Prof. Diamond Sahu. On this occasion, The University students Chandrakar and Bhuneshwari Sahu gave pithy speech, and Patriotic songs were presented by Pawan Mahanand, Om Prakash Diwan, Pokhan Dhruv and Rupesh Yadav. Prof. Mamta Devangan heard the autobiographical poem by the students and Geetha Acharya presented the song “Vasundhara Pukrati”. Prof. O.P. Verma thanked everyone and the welcome song “Saraswati Vandana” was presented by Suniti Netam, Bhaneshwari and Digeshwari Sahu. The program was attended by Prof. Piyali Chatterjee, Garima Diwan, Faniish ChandraKar, Srishti Chandrakar, Supriya Chandrakar, Romibala, Vimala Sona, Hemant Verma, Hemant Chandrakar, Ravinder Singh (librarian) and Rajesh Sahu, Dinesh Sahu, Chunnu Thakur.


ISBM University is now partnered with Bosch Limited on Employable Skills Training program It is a great oppotunity now since ISBM University is now partnered with Bosch Limited on Employable Skills Training program for Youth through BRIDGE program. We look forward towards this Industry-Academia collaboration for contributing our bit towards the Skill India Mission at large. Objective of this partnership with BOSCH-BRIDGE Program is to train the less educated youth towards employment.


Examination Notice First semester examinations for academic session 2017-18 have begun from 15th January 2018.


National Youth Day is celebrated in ISBM University campus on 12 January on the birthday of Swami Vi Today, the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda was celebrated as the National Youth Day by the History Department in ISBM University Navapara (Kosami), Chowk, District-Griya Bandh. Student Akash Jain readily took Swami Vivekananda's dress and read Swami Vivekananda's lecture given at the World Religious Conference in Chicago (America). Students also expressed their views on this occasion. Somesh Sahu described Vivekananda as a world spiritual guru, Yamini Tanday considered Vivekananda as a person not considered, Jaanki Bipre described allegiance to Vivekananda's guru. Keshav Dhruv said that Vivekananda has made India different in the world due to its spiritual qualities. Neeraj Nayak compared the younger generation to the air which could make the impossible possible. Manisha Sahu described Vivekananda as Vedanta's philosopher's philosopher, Yogant Yadav believed in Vivekananda's own self as his goal. Sunit Leaderam told that Vivekananda's longing to know God was great, Tinnu Anand said that since 1984, every year since 1984, celebrating the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda is celebrated as National Youth Day. On this occasion, Deputy Registrar of the University, Dept. of Prof. Prof. T.J. Madhusudan encouraged the students involved in the program, accepting spirituality and avoiding superstitions. Dr. Piyush Mehta, Dean of the University, said that young should be from the idea and not from the age, Prof. V. Verma said that the youth is the one who fights the evils. Prof. Diamond Sahu advised students to live a simple life with students - Prof Gokul Prasad Sahu believed that Vivekananda is still alive today who live in our hearts. Chief speaker Prof. Bhupendra Kumar Sahu, Department of Political Science said that Vivekananda, after renouncing the family by fighting against the heterogeneous circumstances, accepted the spirituality and earned fame in the world and gave information about the dhamed years of childhood spent in Chhattisgarh of Vivekananda. Welfare Speech and Love Chandrachar thanked the Chakradari. The program was launched by lighting the lamp and offering a wreath to Swami Vivekananda. The program was conducted by the student Sam Saivvanshi. On this occasion, Professor of the University Mrs. Piyali Chatterjee, Law Department, Dr.Garima Diwan and Prof. Phanish Chandrakar, Department of English, Ms. Supriya Chandrakar, Department of Botany, Ms. Girisha Acharya and Prof. Bhupesh Patra, Computer Department, Smt. Romibala Mathematical Department, Prof. Hemant Chandrakar Chemicals Department, and Ms. Vimala Sona and Pro Hemant Verma Library Department were present. Kamini Nagesh, Tulsi Thakur and Khileshvari Dhruv presented Saraswati Vandana and welcome songs.


Study Tour - Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly - ISBM University


SEMINAR ON CONSTITUTION DAY HELD AT ISBM UNIVERSITY A one-day seminar on ‘Constitution Day’ was organised at ISBM University here on Sunday. Addressing the seminar, Mr. Abhay Kher from ISBM University said that Indian Constitution is an example for many countries to emulate. The Constitution of India has ensured rights for its citizens and it makes sure that conducive environment for developing every individual is created, he said. Elaboration was laid on the ideas which guided the framers of the Constitution at length and remembered the role of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar on the occasion. Constitution of India is source of inspiration for people of India. The Constitution has catered to members of every section of the society and success of any Constitution depends on commitment of the people of that country for it. Famous scientist and academician Professor Yashpal was also remembered on his birth anniversary on the occasion.  The programme was coordinated by Mr. O.P. Verma. Large number of teachers and students attended the seminar.


The Best Emerging Private University Award - 2017 Dr. D.M. Deshpande (Vice Chancellor - ISBM University) receiving "The Best Emerging Private  University " Award by Shri Raman Singh (Chief Minister - Chhattisgarh) and Shri Narendra Singh Tomar (Union Mines and Rural Development Minister).


ISBM University announced launch of Admission to academic programs


ISBM University coverage on Pratidin Desh TV Raipur ISBM University coverage on Pratidin Desh TV Raipur


The Chronicle Coverage - ISBM University The Chronicle Coverage - ISBM University


Hari Bhoomi Coverage - ISBM University Hari Bhoomi Coverage - ISBM University


Dainik Bhaskar Coverage - ISBM University Dainik Bhaskar Coverage - ISBM University 


City Live Coverage - ISBM University - Raipur City Live Coverage - ISBM University - Raipur


Sports activity for students at ISBM University campus with Cricket. Sports activity for students at ISBM University campus with Cricket.


Swachta abhiyan celebration on Swach Bharat divas at ISBM University campus with students and Vice C Swachta abhiyan celebration on Swach Bharat divas at ISBM University campus with students and Vice Chancellor Dr. Dhirendra Deshpande.  


Visit to Tengnahi Mata mandir arranged for students by ISBM University. Visit to Tengnahi Mata mandir arranged for students by ISBM University.


Antakshari competition for students at ISBM University campus. Antakshari competition for students at ISBM University campus.


ISBM University announces association with Premier Futsal League as University Partner ISBM University is proud to announce itself as University Partner in Premier Futsal League, the biggest sporting event of Football in India. The league garnered nine million TV views in its first season in the UK and six million views in West Asia. These are the biggest markets outside India, where the league captured 30 million impressions on TV over its 10-day telecast. The final of the tournament had 300 million tune-ins globally, including social media. In its second season, the league will focus on international broadcast rights and sponsorship revenue. The second season will be held in the first quarter of 2017 with eight franchises. The two new franchises to be added are Delhi and Hyderabad. Aiming to help grow the sport in India, Premier Futsal has collaborated with ISBM University, Awarded as Best Upcoming University by the Hon. HRD Minister ‘Shri Prakash Javdekar’ in association with ASSOCHAM, ahead of the second season. “We are happy to associate with ISBM University as University Partner for Season 2. With a mission to grow the sport in India, Premier Futsal is dedicated to engage with today’s youth by encouraging their participation in the sport by enabling them with right direction and guidance.” Dr. Vinay Agrawal said, “The inaugural year of Premier Futsal witnessed a huge fan following across both genders, making its way as a leading sports league in India.” The league has a total of six teams. The other teams are yet to be announced. The six teams will play each other seven times prior to the semi-finals. The second season will commence on September 15.


Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra, a Model Skill Development Training Centre inaugurated in Chhattisgarh Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra (PMKK)- a Model Skill Development Training Centre in Chhattisgarh was inaugurated by Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha), Mr. Chandulal Sahu as the chief guest along-with Chancellor of ISBM University, Dr. Vinay Agrawal and Mr. Yeshwant Raj Parasmal, on 6th August 2017. It is an initiative of Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship & NSDC. The Centre is spread in an area of 10,000 sq.ft. in with the target to provide training and employment to 6,000 candidates in 3 years in 5 job roles in various areas including sewing, plumbing, electrician course, gardener, micro irrigation etc. CARE-PMKK will provide short term skill training for 10-12 weeks and provide self-employment opportunities to school/college dropouts and unemployed youth and women under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikash Yojna. The training will be completely free of cost and subsidized by Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship. Assessment will be done by respective sector skill council and candidate will get certificates from NSDC. Unemployed youth attended the event for enrollment in various job roles, in huge numbers. CARE-PMKK has mandate to skill candidates in huge numbers and will be setting multiple model skill training centers within next. It is aimed at providing skill and employment opportunity to more than 1 lakh unemployed youth within next 3 years.


उच्च शिक्षा में डिजिटलाइजेशन नई दिल्ली स्थित विज्ञान भवन में यूजीसी के द्वारा ‘उच्च शिक्षा में डिजीटल पहल’ विषय पर कार्यशाला रखी गई। कार्यशाला में देशभर से लगभग 250 यूनिवर्सिटी शामिल हुई।सम्मेलन में आईएसबीएम के कुलपति डीएन देशपांडे ने उच्च शिक्षा में डिजिटलाइजेशन के लिए यूनिवर्सिटी द्वारा की गई पहल पर प्रजेंटेशन दिया। देशपांडे के प्रजेंटेशन की सभी ने जमकर सराहना किया। गौरतलब है कि उच्च शिक्षा के क्षेत्र में आईएसबीएम ने काफी काम किया है. यहां जिन लोगों ने प्रेसेंटेशन दिया उन लोगों में से सिर्फ 8 प्रजेंटेशन का चयन उच्च शिक्षा में डिजीटल माध्यमों के विशिष्ट उपयोग के लिए किया गया। इसमें से देशपांडेय का प्रेंसेटेशन भी चयनित हुआ. इस सम्मेलन का शुभारंभ राष्ट्रपति प्रणव मुखर्जी ने किया था.


"Indian Of The Year" By Brands Academy 2017 Brands Academy Awards “Indian Of The Year 2017” award to Dr. Vinay Agrawal in June’17 for his outstanding contribution as India’s leading Educationist at New Delhi, India.


Attend 2-days certificate workshop on “Development of self-learning material" ISBM University has organized 2-day certificate workshop on “Development of self-learning material (#SLM)” by the joint collaboration and academic support between IGNOUSTRIDE, New Delhi and ISBM University. Join us on 15th and 16th June, 2017 @ Hotel Vennington Court, Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Know more :-


ISBMUniversity in "Dainik Bhaskar Education Fair" ISBMUniversity participated in Dainik Bhaskar Education Fair- The one stop solution for all your national and international study needs. Finest exhibition of most refined and industry-relevant educational programs in Chhattisgarh. Grow your career at ISBMUniversity.   


ISBM University announces collaboration with PayUMoney and PayTM PayUMoney is taking its cashless solution to ISBM University’s campus to offer its students ease and comfort while making payment of academic fees, registration and enrollment charges and any such transaction that would involve sending and receiving of money through online modes thus keeping cash transactions in ISBM University campus to minimal. In a very short duration of time, PayUMoney has gained likeability in the Indian markets due to the freedom and convenience that it offers to the users. For More: Click Here Paytm, India’s largest mobile wallet company that claims to have 147 million wallets,is taking its cashless solution to ISBM University’s campus to offer its students ease and comfort while making payment of academic fees, registration and enrollment charges and any such transaction that would involve sending and receiving of money through online modes thus keeping cash transactions in ISBM University campus to minimal. In a very short duration of time, Paytm has gained likeability in the Indian markets due to the freedom and convenience that it offers to the users. The wallet system in India is growing with a tremendous pace. For More: Click Here


ISBM University Featured in India Today Aspire A brief introduction of ISBM University was published in India Today Aspire, a magazine that lists upcoming and outstanding educational institutes.


ISBM University - IBC24 News ISBM University was highlighted on IBC24’s News Flash.  


Govt Awards ISBM University - Article Featured in Hindustan Times ISBM University awarded "BEST UPCOMING UNIVERSITY 2017" at ASSOCHAM's 96th annual session by Hon. HRD Union Minister Shri Prakash Javdekar.


Article: Mobile Learning Resuscitates Education in India Global Mobile Learning is predicted to grow at CAGR of 36.3%. The mobile learning market is expected to grow from $7.98 billion in 2015 to $37.60 billion by 2020. Find More At​


Economic Times - Assocham 96th Annual Session 2017 Assocham reiterates its commitment to take India ahead on the path of economic progress and prosperity. It also pledges to synergize its vision with the country's mission of 'transforming India through Radical Reforms.'  


ENAGRAM- The Spoken English and Personality Development Cell In today’s era, English Language is an asset and its value cannot be measured. A student with strong English Communication Skills and good personality will succeed in every chosen field and career. ISBM University recognizes this as critical success factor for student’s future and has established “ENAGRAM” – a dedicated and focused Spoken English, Grammar and Personality Development Cell. The Cell will conduct various interesting, fun-filled learning activities throughout the year for students belonging to following programs: English Language Lab Word Building Games Debates and Group Discussions Public Speaking Workshops English Grammar Sessions Spoken English Classes Phonetics Program Personality Development Workshops Career Development Workshops Counseling & Mentoring Personality Assessment Tests Professional Etiquettes Program Presentation Skills


BONSAI- Business Opportunities Nurtured through Support, Action and Incubation Startup Incubation Young Indians today have the conviction to venture out on their own and a conducive ecosystem lets them watch their ideas come to life. In today’s environment we have more Startups and entrepreneurs than ever before and the movement is at the cusp of a revolution. However, many Startups do not reach their full potential due to limited guidance and access. In line with the Government of India’s Startup India Program, ISBM University is taking an unprecedented step to create a Startup Incubator – a first for any university to do so at the time of inception. Aptly named, Bonsai, the Incubator will show seeds for creation of technology and social enterprises on its campus providing assistance in diverse areas to budding entrepreneurs. Since startup companies lack many resources, experience and networks, BONSAI provides services which help them get through initial hurdles in starting up a business. These hurdles include space, funding, legal, accounting, computer services and other prerequisites for running the business. The incubator services offered by BONSAI are: Help with business basics Networking activities Marketing assistance Market Research High-speed Internet access Help with accounting/financial management Access to bank loans. Loan funds and guarantee programs Help with presentation skills Links to higher education resources Links too strategic partners Access to angel investors or venture capital Comprehensive business training programs Advisory boards and mentors Management team identification Help with business etiquette Technology commercialization assistance Help with regulatory compliance Intellectual property management


INTEL Entrepreneurship & Leadership The ISBM University Network for Technology Entrepreneurship & Leadership (INTEL) co-ordinates capacity building activities that focus on entrepreneurship and leadership, and provide opportunity for technological innovations that can create commercially viable solutions for real-life problems of our society. Our objectives include: Develop ground breaking entrepreneurship schemes to support youth and graduate employment. Embed entrepreneurship education. Establish entrepreneurship centers. Devise good governance templates for start-ups. We have extensive experience of leading multi-agency partnerships and working with groups, higher institutions, governments, and incubators to address socio-economic challenges of region through technological innovations, business incubation and skill development programs. “I see startups, technology and innovation as exciting and effective instruments for India’s transformation.” -Narendra Modi


ISBM University in Association with PayUMoney to Offer Cashless Payment Solutions to Students To strengthen the concept of a cashless economy, PayUMoney, an online payment solution by PayU India has partnered with many educational institutes. PayUMoney’s recent collaboration with ISBM University will enable students to enjoy complete cashless solutions, be it admission fee or examination fee; the student can carry out their transactions with utmost ease. This association will result in a seemingly hassle-free experience for the students, the faculties as well as the authoritative bodies at the university. PayU Money is a fast-growing online payment solutions gateway making fee payment hassle free for more than 6000 institutes. To maintain the confidentiality of the information provided by the user, PayU Money instantly generates fee receipts and gives timely reminders for payments. Students can now look forward to experiencing a hassle-free, safe and secure documentation process while making an online payment.


ISBM University-the only authorized university in Chhattisgarh to offer vocational training programs The objective of the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra (PMKK) is to empower the Indian youth by offering them industry oriented vocational training programs. ISBM University is the only authorized University in Chhattisgarh to offer Vocational Training Programs under this scheme.


India’s 1st Private University with Focus on Tribal Research and Development The education sector is flourishing day by day with hoards of educational bodies coming into existence. Recently India’s 1st private university with a focus on tribal research and development, ISBM University was launched in Chhattisgarh in the month of November 2016. The university has laid major emphasis on the upliftment of the tribal community and thus offers a varied range of vocational and skill development programs so that students belonging to the remote areas of the state can enroll themselves and seek a better tomorrow. India has the largest population of tribes compared to other countries of the world. ISBM University has set forth the following activities on priority which include:   Pursuing research and collecting data that can stimulate the growth of literacy among the tribal population. Evolving strategies, programs and policies for the betterment of the tribal community. To understand and resolve social, economic, cultural, ecological, environmental problems faced by the tribes.   


ISBM UNIVERSITY GOT FEATURED IN AN EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE AT INDIA TODAY’S CONCLAVE 2017 The India Today Conclave which was held on 17th & 18th March 2017 was one of the highlights in the city last week. The two-day conclave took place on Friday and Saturday at Hotel Grand Hyatt in Mumbai. The conclave witnessed the who’s who from all walks of life in India as well as abroad including our very own Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Industrialist Mukesh Ambani, superstar Shah Rukh Khan, filmmaker Karan Johar were some of the iconic speakers who grabbed eyeballs at the event. If we talk about the education sector, entrepreneurs from renowned educational bodies were present at the India Today Conclave 2017. The PM spoke about practices that the Government has adopted and will be implementing in the near future to benefit all the sectors. From healthcare to education and Bollywood to Politics all aspects became part of the conclave’s discussion. ISBM University got featured in an exclusive coverage of the India Today Coffee Table Book. The coverage included photos, awards won by the university, its unique features drawing attention towards the distinctness of the university and how it aims to fulfill the dreams of young aspirants belonging to the state of Chhattisgarh and everywhere across the globe.


ISBM University received an award for the 'Best Upcoming University' Presented by the Hon HRD minister 'Shri Prakash Javdekar' in association with ASSOCHAM in February 2017.  ISBM University received an award for the 'Best Upcoming University'  It has only been a few months since the launch of ISBM University and it has already started making news in the education industry. It is a new-age university committed to provide innovative learning programs to meet the career requirements of students and industry. ISBM University located in Chhattisgarh, is India’s 1st Private University with a focus on tribal development and research. Recently at the 10th ASSOCHAM Higher Education Summit 2017 which was held in New Delhi, ISBM University was rewarded as the 'Best Upcoming University.’ The award was presented by Honorable HRD Union Minister, Shri Prakash Javdekar in association with ASSOCHAM.   The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India shortly abbreviated as ASSOCHAM is a nonprofit organization acting as a bridge between businesses in India that are willing to spread their reach across the globe and connect with potential entrepreneurs. The independent body was established in the year 1920 by promoter Chambers, representing all regions of India and today it is believed to be a significant foundation creating ample opportunities for Indian businesses to compete globally.


CIPP ISBM University is now accreditated by CIPP. The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals accreditation will be beneficial in enhancing your job and helping you in applying the acquired knowledge at the workplace.


PHD Chambers ISBM University got accredited by Bombay Management Association which is regarded as one of the best management associations in India.


Bombay Management Association ISBM University got accredited by Bombay Management Association which is regarded as one of the best management associations in India.


Chamber of Commerce ISBM University accredited by Indo-American Chamber of Commerce. IACC majorly aims at promoting Indo-American business, trade and economic relations.


Gazette Notification ISBM University gazette notification got published in November 2016.


Courses Offered

ISBMU Courses


Studying Certificate Courses in Management can help you to hone your leadership and personnel skills. Thus working managers as well as aspiring Management professionals can enroll in an Advanced Certificate program in Management.

ISBMU Courses


You can earn a diploma from ISBM University, whether you're beginning your college education or you're pursuing an diploma at higher level.

ISBMU Courses

Advanced Diploma

ISBM University courses have been designed to ensure that the students get the best relevant knowledge of high class. Our courses are aligned to meet the ever changing management needs of industries across the globe.

ISBMU Courses


ISBM University graduate programs offer interactive learning to customize your educational experience to your needs and learning style. A graduate program is a valuable addition to your academic and professional career.

ISBMU Courses


Earning a Master's program can advance your knowledge and add distinction to your credentials. Completing your master programs may also represent a significant personal achievement.


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