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Certificate in Ticket Reservations and Booking

This course is designed for students wishing to pursue a career in the Airline & Travel Tourism industry, as well as those wishing to familiarize themselves with Passenger Service, Travel Agencies, Airline Offices, Back offices, etc.

The curriculum focuses on all aspects right from Travel Management to Airline Ticketing.

  • World & Travel Geography
  • International Regulations & Conventions
  • Transport Industry
  • Aircrafts & Airports
  • Travel Documentation
  • Travel Terminology
  • Airfare Calculation
  • Role and Functions of IATA
  • Global Distribution System/CRS
  • Baggage Handling
  • Travel Agency Operations & Management
  • Airline Reservation
  • Ticketing


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1. Provide a seat selector tool that will be used by both the passenger and the airline authorized employee to manage booking information.

2. Build the proposed project with the capability to include special handling procedure to a booking reference of a specific passenger.

3. Build the proposed project with the capability to make rebooking, and re-routing option. Also the capability of the system to make re-issuance of tickets. Refunding and processing of flown ticket will also be included.

4. Provide an online booking facility to be used by the client of the company as a method of delivering services to the airline company’s clients.

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