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Certificate in CAD

Computer-aided design (CAD) is a computer technology that designs a product and documents the design's process. CAD may facilitate the manufacturing process by transferring detailed diagrams of a product’s materials, processes, tolerances and dimensions with specific conventions for the product in question. It can be used to produce either two-dimensional or three-dimensional diagrams, which can then when rotated to be viewed from any angle, even from the inside looking out. A special printer or plotter is usually required for printing professional design renderings. A key advantage of CAD is that, it indicates information like material, tolerances, dimensions or chemical properties.


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1) To understand the concept of use of computers in Design and manufacturing.

2) To understand the basic design process and Product life cycle Management.

3) To develop 3D modelling Skills required for product design.

4) To understand the basics of Industrial Automation.

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